Initializing the widget

Getting started with Arkane Connect, our JavaScript Widget for easy integration.

Step 1: Including the widget

Arkane Connect has been published to So by using npm, you can fetch it by executing the following:

npm i @arkane-network/arkane-connect

You can also download it directly via UNPKG CDN.

🧙 It is best to point Arkane Connect to a specific version when including its URL in your code. See for more info.

Step 2: Initializing the widget, with Arkane Connect

Create an ArkaneConnect instance with your Client ID with the following script. Your Arkane Client ID is required when calling this function, as it identifies your app to Arkane.

const arkaneConnect = new ArkaneConnect('YOUR_CLIENT_ID');

🧙 You need to register your app to get your private Client ID

The ArkaneConnect object is your entry point to the rest of the widget functionalities, below is its signature. You can connect to several networks and environments by using the ConstructorOption 'Environment'.

//Signature ArkaneConnect
ArkaneConnect(clientID:string, options?: ConstructorOptions)

Congratulations, your app is now blockchain-enabled! 🎉

After putting the 2 code snippets above into the editor, your app is now blockchain-enabled!